I’m super excited to invite you to a 2-day Creative Soul Photography Workshop for complete beginners. If you wish to use that brand new camera you are getting for Christmas, or undust your camera and take it off the shelf this workshop is for you!

This is your time to be creative, playful, to nurture your imagination and encourage creative growth. In January, I’ll invite you to my cozy studio in Brussels, for an exclusive, intimate photography experience. This is a workshop that will transform your passion for photography, while teaching you all you need to know to get to know your camera and find out how to use it.

I can’t wait to welcome you in my studio, and show you everything I love about creative soulful portraits!

With love,



During the workshop, you will learn how to take beautiful pictures with your own camera. I will share with you how to use different modes on your camera. I’ll introduce you to the manual settings. We will talk about lenses and why choosing the right lens is important. I will teach you how to work using only natural light. You will also get a good understanding of light conditions and its effect on your photography. I’ll show you how to make your composition and what gear is great to have at this level of your skills to really help you out while you shoot.


We will work through all you need to know about your camera, in an easy to follow and fun way. Plus, we will practice plenty. You will learn about lenses and why having the right lens matters. You will learn how to create tack sharp pictures every time and how to work with the available natural light. You will learn how to create, shoot and edit beautiful photos. We will discuss  storytelling and the importance of finding your personal style. You will learn what tools are really useful to have especially when you are starting out and finding your confidence. And why the way you hold your camera matters.



  • 2 whole days of photography training
  • You will create your first incredible images with your camera
  • 2 delicious organic lunches
  • Drinks and snacks during the workshop
  • We will practice, practice, practice together
  • Image feedback
  • Q&A

Not Included:

  • Accommodation and transportation to and from the workshop location is not covered in the ticket price.

You will learn how to:

  • Camera basics: camera automatic settings vs manual camera settings
  • Lenses: fixed focal lenses vs zoom lenses
  • What is lenses sweet spot, and when to use image stabilisation
  • How to hold your camera
  • Useful tools and why are they useful: remote control, reflectors and tripods
  • How to take tack sharp pictures every time
  • Working with natural light, how to make use of the light you have
  • How to set up your camera
  • How to handle difficult light conditions
  • How to achieve specific mood (bright or dark)
  • How to compose an image


  • Dates: 12 – 13 January 2019
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Time: Both days from 10AM – 5PM
  • Number of participants: there are ONLY 5 Seats Available


Who this workshop is for?

This workshop is for people who have cameras that they don’t use, as they don’t really know how to. And for people who just got their first camera for Christmas.

It’s for beginners, aspiring photographers, and creative souls. For the amateurs that want to know their camera and the manual and automatic settings better. People looking to capture beautiful photos, and want to learn about their dust gathering cameras and other tools that could be useful to them while their discover their photography style.

Other important information

Equipment: Bring a digital DSLR camera, 1-3 lenses and a laptop to drop off the pictures and see your first pictures on your screen. It’s not important that you know how to shoot in manual mode or RAW, you will get help with that during the workshop if needed.

If you are interested in shooting portraits, good lens choices are 50mm, 85mm and/or a quality zoom lens. I will use my Canon 5D Mark II camera, 50mm f/1.8 lens and 24-70 f/2.8 zoom lens during the workshop.

Cancellation policy: Due to logistics, the people and planning involved, this is a non refundable retreat

Secure Your Seat


Pay In Full

When you have reserved your spot, you will receive a confirmation email. A more detailed schedule will arrive in your mailbox closer to the workshop date.

1298 EUR

Split payment

A deposit of 699 EUR is needed for registration and the final payment will be due by 4th January, 2019. A more detailed schedule will arrive in your mailbox closer to the workshop date.

1398 EUR

All portraits below were created in a small living space. In this workshop you’ll learn exactly how to create and capture beautiful timeless portraits in the comfort of your own home without expensive gear, using just natural light, creative and simple techniques.



graphility-Marta Hurtado-Contemporary Portrait Photography-Brussels-photography studio












Photography: Marta Hurtado




graphility-Marta Hurtado-Contemporary-Portrait-Photography-Brussels-Photography-Studio-Fashion-Photo-Session






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